The behind the scenes of the making of Robin Noguier’s portfolio

In this article I’m going to explain the making of the Robin Noguier’s portfolio by answering the questions of group of international developers.

I’ll show you the process, the tools and my personal approach to a website full of interactions and animations.

This website is built in React JS, using Next.js as a framework in order to delegate effectively the routing and the static-generation.
Contents are managed by Prismic — I put a lot of effort into creating custom modules in order to simplify the contents integration and give to Robin a wide range of customisations — some of them include…

Introducing GitLab with AWS: how to build your Continuous Delivery from scratch.

In the last article, Increase Your Productivity With Continuous Delivery: GitLab + Netlify, I talked about the benefits of Continuous Delivery and how to implement it with third-party tools — if you’re approaching CD for the first time, I suggest to give it a read before digging deep.

Today, I’m going to illustrate you how to take full control of your projects delivery; I’ll guide you into the rough world of AWS and I’ll show you how to connect it with the powerful GitLab CI/CD built-in tools.

We’ll start by creating an S3 Bucket on AWS where storing our projects…

Create more valuable projects redesigning your workflow with Continuous Delivery

In this series of articles I am going to outline the setup, in terms of tools and flows, that I have implemented at LOW to improve the delivery process, and therefore provide high quality and projects flexibility.

The first article is a gentle introduction to Continuous Delivery; I am going to show you two powerful tools like GitLab and Netlify: what they are and how to use them together in order to step up your productivity.

Small businesses without DevOps competences, but which need solid and simple procedures to share the preview of their projects internally between co-workers, and with…

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