• Bruno Pinho

    Bruno Pinho

    Tenho gosto por descobrir boas histórias.

  • Seun Adesina

    Seun Adesina

    Working as a React JS Freelancer. Building websites for humans. Hire me at https://seunadesina.com

  • Renzo Pretto

    Renzo Pretto

  • Divya Jain

    Divya Jain

  • Jude Hokyoon Woo

    Jude Hokyoon Woo

    Frontend Engineer at Tridge. Former SWE at Kakao. Dog Person. Addicted to Self Improvement.

  • Alessandro Vignocchi

    Alessandro Vignocchi

    Visual designer & web addicted ... i love 3D paper glasses.

  • Hsin-Jou Lin

    Hsin-Jou Lin

    Principal UX Designer | Psychology evangelist | Bibliophile | Reviewer of alt.CHI, CHI, CSCW and INTERACT | Support my goal here https://ko-fi.com/hsinjoulin

  • Grégory Bizet

    Grégory Bizet

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